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Advancer Tina - Tina Owen Advancer Tina Advancer Tina Advancer Tina

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Title: Advancer Tina
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Credits: Dandelion, Beam Entertainment Inc., Kitty Media

Cover Description: It is the year 3113. Thirty centuries have passed since the Earth was consumed by toxic pollutants, forcing mankind to flee into the galaxy in search of life-sustaining habitats. Enter Advancers - brave explorers who risk their life exploring new uncharted worlds for humans to live on. To unite these new worlds, a new interplanetary government was formed, with all new planets and space colonies falling under it's jurisdiction: The Allied Earth Government, the Domestic Union of Arms (DUA).

When the DUA sends out Advancers to explore a mysterious planet called Omega 13, one by one, Advancers pay the price with their lives-never to return from their mission. Mugal, a top DUA officer proposes the job to an unlikely candidate: Tina Owens, a renegade Advancer serving a 2,000 year sentence for blowing up an entire planet.

The mission is simple: locate habitable land on Omega 13, If Tina doesn't accept the job, she'll will rot in prison. If Tina accepts, her sentence will be slightly reduced, with the risk of death. While there's no doubt the trip to Omega 13 is filled with peril, nothing can compare to what awaits the crew once they arrive on the deadly planet. Will they make it out alive? In the tradition of Alien and Fist of the Northstar, be sure not to miss Advencer: Tina!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.13.2001 ed. 04.18.2003)
I think I know where American Movies get their plots...
Advancer Tina reminds me of an American movie I saw a while back. I don't remember the title but it had Val Kilmer in it, and he was heading toward planet Mars. I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood did try to rip off Advancer Tina because not only does AT provide an eventful and gripping thriller, it was also able to give ample characterization to its key players.

While many of its tentacle scenes had me looking at anywhere but the screen, the action-packed battle sequences had me glued to the tube. The artwork is pretty decent and the animation is fluid for its time.

Beyond the action scenes lie a decent plot. In fact, I could say that Adventure Tina is one of those rare hentai that actually has a story. You have Tina, a sort-of space mercenary with a kick-ass personality, who goes into battle in and struggles against a bunch of tentacles. In her quest, she meets people whose lives are are defined by simple tragedies and what have you. Tina is sure one heck of a heroine—not the typical airhead you mostly see in h-anime. She also knows how to choose the right companions. I especially liked Akira. He was like Fatal Fury's Terry and Street Fighter's Ryu rolled into one. The only downside to this is that there were a lot of interesting angles that were left hanging open.

There were two major questions that had left me hanging, though: (1) What really happened to the notorious bandit that Akira was looking for; and (2) when will Tina be shown doing it with an actual human being? I only hope to see more of the Advancers. Maybe then I'll even get to see my favorite dude finally get lucky.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9