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Legend of the Blue Wolves Legend of the Blue Wolves Legend of the Blue Wolves Legend of the Blue Wolves
More screenshots: Set 1 - Set 2 - Set 3

Legend of Blue Wolf
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Title: Legend of Blue Wolf
Genre: Mecha / Shounen-Ai
Credits: Yasunori Urata, Yasuhito Yamaki, Phoenix Entertainment

Skysenshi's Description: 2199 A.D. - The human race's problems in overpopulation and resource distribution has heightened to a degree that forced them to adapt to environments outside their own. The formed a network of colonies inside the vast solar system, which in turn, changed not only their habits but their flesh as well. For 100 years after this, the human race thrived and lived in glory.

They did not anticipate that a time would come when all of it would end. The day that the humans marched into Pluto was the day that they met up with a group known as the Apocalypse. Dark and mysterious, the Apocalypse was only known for the frightening fact that they would assimilate humans into their own mechanical bodies, disposing of the victim's flesh and keeping only his brain as its source of knowledge and energy.

A battle begins at Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. 2nd lieutenant Jonathan Tyberius prepares himself to stand in the front line as he remembers a promise that he must deliver to one Leonard Schteinberg. He sits back, committing to memory the beauty of Leonard's face and the brief waking moment before tragedy struck and pulled them apart. Thus begins Jonathan's story…

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (11.10.2002)
Wish heterosexual hentai could be as profound as this.
Legend of the Blue Wolves deserves applause for being one of the rare yaoi hentai that boasts of detailed private parts. In fact, it's the first of its kind that I ever saw, as most yaoi mangaka tend to make love scenes very soft and dreamy. Of course, there's the standard Japanese censorship, but you can still see the genitals underneath that annoying blurry cloud.

Bitch mode on.

However, I am appalled that the first ecchi scene is that of a big tub of lard who dominates his military subordinate with the tip of his whip. This same tub of lard continues to hog nearly all the other precious hentai scenes, as he goes out of his way to invent excuses just to sexually harass the lead character. I remember wishing that shounen-ai h-scenes should be a little more detailed, but I didn't expect them to feature such an ugly abomination to anime in different rape shots while they were at it. Goodness sakes, when I said I wanted detail, I didn't mean that they should make my skin crawl! So you probably have to forgive me if I tried to cleanse my mind of the disgusting memory by taking screenshots Set 3, which features the best looking guys in very steamy sex scenarios.

Bitch mode off.

It's very unfortunate that this title would never be released outside of Japan. It was originally intended to be an OVA series, but it seems like the creators got bankrupt after the first episode and they never got around to releasing any continuations. In honor of such an inspiring anime that might never reach the eyes of fellow shounen-ai lovers, please allow me to break my spoiler-free code and discuss the story in depth.

Alternately titled Legend of the Four Horsemen, Legend of Blue Wolves is basically a flashback anime. At least, the first episode is. It tells of 2nd lieutenant Jonathan Tyberius' past and his purpose for being so adamant in coming to the front line. He begins with the memory of his childhood, and then meeting a man, Leonard Schteinberg, who reminds him of a fatally attractive mentor.

The first meeting is rather harsh, as Leonard's fist comes into contact with Jonathan's face. It is what Jonathan gets for being too careless in a field full of armed mecha. Later, they discover that they are roommates. It doesn't take long for them to develop a strong bond with each other. Jonathan reminds Leonard of the deceased younger brother that the latter had failed to save, and this becomes reason for Leonard to constantly hover over Jonathan protectively. He teaches Jonathan a valuable philosophy during one of their shooting practices—that if Jonathan should see a man's face inside an Apocalypse, Jonathan must do an honorable thing and kill the man. A warrior must die an honorable warrior's death—it is only through this that he will be free from captivity.

Enter the big tub of lard, who seems to be a high-ranking officer in the military camp. He spies on Jonathan during training and determinedly finds ways to corner the young man. First he uses Jonathan's poor scores during shooting practice as an excuse to send the lad into his quarters. Alas, his domination does not work, as Jonathan would rather be commanded during military duty and refuses to be controlled in such a demeaning way. Next, Mr. Lard beats Jonathan to a pulp during hand-to-hand combat training, causing Leonard to step in and challenge Mr. Lard in Jonathan's stead.

During this time, Jonathan discovers that Leonard seems to swing the other way, which is an insinuation that Leonard does not deny. He does promise, however, that he would never take Jonathan unwillingly. Unfortunately, Mr. Tub-O-Lard doesn't share the same noble ideas. His third and final attempt to take advantage of Jonathan has him accusing Jonathan of being an Apocalypse spy. An "assistant" aids him in his claims and he succeeds in finally sending Jonathan to the men's room for an "examination" (see 2nd screenshot of Set 2).

Leonard, who is being sent to jail for being an indirect accomplice, suddenly remembers the time he couldn't rescue his brother. He realizes that Jonathan needs him and this time, he decides that he would never let history repeat itself. He comes in too late, catching Jonathan with his mouth full of Mr. Lard's member. Enraged, Leonard draws his blade, telling Fat Bastard that he'd never respect a man as dirty as him, and promptly cuts off the man's offensive appendage.

I don't really understand what happened next, whether Leonard killed the man or just castrated him, but news of the incident was suppressed so that a scandal wouldn't break out. Sometime later, Leonard is called to stand in the front line. Before he leaves, Jonathan begins to tell him something—that he knew Leonard only sees him as a younger brother. Leonard cuts him off by saying, "You are you," and asks to have one night with him. They make sweet love—the only decent non-rape hentai scene in the entire OVA, I might add—and end the night with Leonard asking Jonathan to promise that if he ever meets Leonard on the battlefield completely changed, he must kill Leonard with his hands.

Fast forward to the present time. Leonard never returned to the Second Titan Recapture Strategy and Jonathan becomes more resolute in keeping his vow. Jonathan comes face to face with an Apocalypse and glimpses his old lover's face. With nary a hesitation, he climbs out of his mech, floats over to Leonard's Apocalypse and thrusts his knife into the other man's chest (Set 2, 4th screenshot). Jonathan kisses Leonard through his helmet. The last vestiges of Leonard's consciousness push him away just before the machine explodes. This marks the Earth's first victory over the Apocalypse—March 15, 2199 A.D. on Jupiter's Ganymede.

Credits roll. After this, a scene with a blue-haired man and his companion is shown as they walk towards a newly delivered battle ship. The words "To Be Continued" flashes onscreen. Of course, we now know that there never would be a continuation to the OVA.

As we can see, Legend of the Blue Wolves actually follows a formula used by a few yaoi anime: Boy meets boy; friction in the first few minutes; skin contact in the next half of the film; and death by the end of it. It also touches on the issue of identity crises, especially when Leonard admits he is indeed gay, which triggers a long-forgotten memory from Jonathan's childhood. Like many impressionable children, Jonathan had somebody to hero-worship, but the difference lies in that he would masturbate whenever he would think of his mentor's figure. The image of this mentor changed to that of Leonard's and Jonathan silently questioned himself as to whether his lust was actually just a narcissistic tendency.

The artwork and animation are pretty, albeit I find the males' physiques too buff for my taste. I'm guessing this is a 90s production, though I must admit that I am amazed at how crisp and clear the visuals are. The music are almost classical and romantic, just enough to set the mood.

It's just saddening that I couldn't find any other 411 on this anime, its creators, its voice actors and the manga. I did find a Russian site that has in-depth information, and complete story/review. It also has quite a selection of remarkable screenshots. The web author hinted that Koyasu Takehito might have played Jonathan, but I've never seen Legend of Blue Wolves in any of Takehito's online resumés. It's possible that he didn't list it because the series was unfinished. Hm. I'm suddenly more curious about Takehito, as I've been seeing his performances more and more in yaoi titles like this (see ZetsuAi 1989 and Bronze).

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 9 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 8